Render farm details

RANCH Computing CPU + GPU Renderfarm

Type Have their own render farm
Country France
Cores per node 32 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Dual Xeon E5-2697A V4 (POWERFarm)
RAM per node 64 to 256GB
Number of nodes 500
Power description CPU: 29 000 GHz - Fastest Servers on the market worldwide! GPU: 6000 OctaneBench Score
Price per Ghz-hr $0.014
Price comment € 0.014 per Ghz.H
Discount options

Up to 70% discount thanks to the prepaid refills!

Fully automated True
Payment options

Credit Card, PayPal or wire transfer payment.

Support options

Skype, e-mails, phone calls and TeamViewer sessions. Support available for any urgency during evenings and week-ends!

Download options

RANCHSync, FTP, Http, Dropbox.

Update Feb. 16, 2017

More details:

CPU/GPU RenderFarm with the best Price-Performance ratio!

Projects processed by highly-optimized software algorithms to maximize computing power allocation and reduce waiting time.

Automated 24/7!

Great customer service by 3D profesionnals!

Free software to prepare and download your projects!

30 € free trial - no watermarks!

Academic Offer: 50% off for students and teachers!

You can also rent your own local renderfarm from the RANCH! (France/EU)


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