Render farm details CPU + GPU Farm

Type Have their own render farm
Country Germany
Cores per node 32 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Dual Xeon E5-2670 V1
RAM per node 64 - 256GB
Number of nodes 96
Power description CPU: 135.000 Cinebench Scoret - GPU: 4500 OctaneBench Score - Fastest GPU Farm
Price comment 0.016 € per Ghz/h
Discount options

25€ free rendering, purchasable creditspack or pay as you need. up to 70% discount for larger projects

Fully automated True
Payment options

paypal, creditcard, money transfer, bitcoin, wiretransfer

Support options

teamviewer support, mail support, chat support. Support available during evenings and week-ends!

Upload options

Inapp 3dsmax and C4d Plugin. render4you interface, ftp, dropbox, googledrive and wetransfer

Download options

render4you interface, ftp, dropbox, googledrive and wetransfer

Update Nov. 22, 2016

More details:

First official redshift3d renderfarm, 5-10 GPU per rendernode, 6 or 12GB GPU RAM. We are located in the Frankfurt area in Germany. Jobtransmission is via our new plugin. Here are the features. You can use our plugin to sync your project with our farm. The images are stored directly via our plugin on your local folder. We offer 25 € testrendering



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