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3D Rendering Service Delhi NCR 3D Render Farm Serivce ​We provide online renderfarm for 3d rendering (3ds max,Maya,vray,mentalray,c4d,blender,photoshop,etc) on hourly basis. Our charge is very much attractive compare to any other online render farm world-wide. We give minimum 40% discount comparing to others worldwide. We have per node per hour or fixed per frame rate slab. our nodes have latest intel i7 processors & XEON processors.You should compare our cost with others this way - Go to any online renderfarm - create login id - it will give you free credit with file upload render the test file without any additional investment, see the cost & rendering time per frame plus resource consumed in download & upload etc. Now you give me the same test file & see the same. Here you will have complete access through team-viewer to check how many render nodes are running, what is the jobs status, how long it would take to complete etc. You will surprise to see they are charging minimum 3 times more after giving handsome discount. In india we can deliver entire renders through currier in physical media. otherwise We have high speed internet, We can send you renders through dropbox sync. We also looking for some fixed clients who can provide rendering jobs on regular basis (every day you send me 3d scene files & every day we will deliver its renders). We can also setup an studio if get surety from some company who can outsource us for entire 3d projects delivery. We are also compliance with GST.


chiara Feb. 19, 2019
10:13 a.m.
Dear Sir,

we are an italian architectural office and we are searching a Render Farm to outsourcing the rendering process of our projects.

I would like to know your availability, prices, conditions and times for the realization of renders

thank you, kind regards

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