Render farm details

cloud render farm YellowDog

Country United Kingdom
Cores per node 36 cores
CPUs per node 1 CPUs
CPU description Xeon X5
RAM per node 512GB
Number of nodes 5250
Price comment From £1.08 per hour
Discount options

The more you buy, the better the price. And, if you have a special job or project, then do contact and we can find the right deal for you.

Fully automated True
Payment options

YellowDog is a pedigree pooch for the price of a mongrel pup. You select the type and number of render servers you need – we help you with our easy-to-use calculator. The price you see is the price you pay. And you can use YellowDog as and when you want with no monthly subscription. If you want your job rendered faster, you can buy faster render servers and you get more power. If time is not of the essence, you can choose slower render servers and get charged less. You’re always in control. There are three types of render server to choose from: 8-core Value servers at £1.08 per hour 16-core Standard servers at £1.65 per hour 32-core Delux servers at £3.00 per hour (all prices are ex-VAT) There are no hidden costs as these prices include: - All render server costs - All software license costs - All data transfer fees - All data storage costs

Support options

YellowDog Support is available 24/7 on the phone, via email or through messaging in the YellowDog website.

Upload options

Export your scene using the YellowDog Plugin and then upload with YellowDog Sync.

Download options

Download the finished and quality assured render direct from YellowDog through our easy to use web interface or using YellowDog Sync.

Update June 28, 2017

More details:

Limitless, Effortless, Predictable.

YellowDog is the 3D animator and artist’s new best friend.

YellowDog speeds up and simplifies cloud rendering for 3D and VFX artists by giving you access to hundreds of thousands of cores across multiple providers, but with none of the hassle of setting up with multiple vendors. It’s what we here at YellowDog call Limitless Compute.

Simply download our software and upload your file for rendering. When the job’s complete you’ll be told as soon as it’s ready for download. You’ll get it back right first time, every time, having been given a thorough once over by YellowDog’s quality checking software



Gareth Williams Oct. 28, 2017
1:41 a.m.
Hi Mike,

As standard YellowDog supports Redshift with Maya.

We can help with 3ds Max and Redshift jobs but it requires a day's lead time.

Could you email us on and we can continue the discussion?

And we'd be happy to review and sign an NDA.

Mike Steiner Oct. 27, 2017
8:03 p.m.
YES We had a project scheduled with RenderStorm and they just informed us they can't do it. It's relatively simple, corporate level. we need it by monday. 3ds max, redshift, 2 scenes - 5000 frames, and 3000 frames. Average time on a new Boxx w 4 P6000 1.5 mins a frame. We would need a signed NDA

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