Render farm details

cloud render farm YellowDog

Country United Kingdom
Cores per node 36 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Intel Xeon E5-2669 V3 / GPU Xeon Gold 5120 with
RAM per node CPU = 256 / GPU = 192GB
Number of nodes 10000
Power description 10,000 Intel Xeon E52669 with 36 cores, 72 threads, 256 GB Ram, Cinebench of 4018
Price comment Fixed Price High-Performance Rendering for CPU & GPU - List Price £4.50 GBP Per Machine Per Hour
Discount options

Buy up to 50 machines on demand in the YellowDog platform for as many hours as you need. Any time unused remains on your account. 

YellowDog renders feature films, visual effects shots, long form animation, and heavy visualisations in over 42 countries across thre globe. For jobs of this nature where you require more machines, more time, or custom support, email to enquire about discount and a project delivery guarantee. 




Fully automated True
Payment options

Guaranteed Availability | Guaranteed Speed |Guaranteed Fixed Pricing

List price through the platform is £4.50 for both GPU and CPU inclusive of all data transfer, data storage, and official render engine licensing. 

For larger projects or custom productions, discount is available through consultation with the YellowDog specialist support team which makes Cloud Rendering viable for a huge range of studios with different budgets. 

Support options

YellowDog Support is available 24/7 7 days a week on the phone, via email, or through messaging in the award winning YellowDog render platform.  Support from the YellowDog team including developers, render wranglers, operation managers, and a dedicated account manager is industry leading. 

The YellowDog platform provides complete but secure visibility of preview frames, render logs, and progress reports to minimise the amount of support that may be required once a job begins. 


Upload options

Fully Automated |Fast.

Every studio pipeline is different. YellowDog supports a number of them with developed plugins that exports scene files including all ex-refs and assets without studios having to change filepaths. Scene files are automatically sent to the YellowDog platform via a scheduling client called YellowDog Sync for rendering where render settings are read from the studio scene set up. 

For productions with large asset libraries, YellowDog uses a central asset repositority that is secure and dedicated to the customer which means that upload is immediate as assets are already stored in the cloud. 

There are other custom upload options available if the standard plugin installation is not suitable for the workflow of the studio.  

Download options

Fully Automated | Fast, 

The scheduling client, YellowDog Sync, downloads finished frames to a chosen local location at the studio. 

This means that composition can begin before whole shots or jobs are finished.

Finished renders can also be manually downloaded from the YellowDog platform.  

Update Sept. 18, 2018

More details:

YellowDog is the only render service that isn't limited by the capacity restrictions of one cloud provider or render farm. 

Allowing studios to securely access multiple cloud providers in multiple locations but without the hassle of setting up provides industry leading speed, value, and size. 

Based in the UK but with over 1500 customers in 42 countries, YellowDog is the render choice for artists and studios looking for high performance compute for 3D rendering, a dedicated support team, and a slick set of tools to deliver productions faster than ever before.

YellowDog is an official partner of all its render engine partners meaning that there is no restriction to licesning provided. YellowDog was the first cloud render service to support the GPU engine, Redshift in 2016 and is a leading global provider of GPU rendering.

YellowDog helps artists all over the world do more, create more, explore more; iunleashed from limited computing power. 

Now that is worth 'woofing' about! 


Gareth Williams Oct. 28, 2017
1:41 a.m.
Hi Mike,

As standard YellowDog supports Redshift with Maya.

We can help with 3ds Max and Redshift jobs but it requires a day's lead time.

Could you email us on and we can continue the discussion?

And we'd be happy to review and sign an NDA.

Mike Steiner Oct. 27, 2017
8:03 p.m.
YES We had a project scheduled with RenderStorm and they just informed us they can't do it. It's relatively simple, corporate level. we need it by monday. 3ds max, redshift, 2 scenes - 5000 frames, and 3000 frames. Average time on a new Boxx w 4 P6000 1.5 mins a frame. We would need a signed NDA

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