Who we are?

Dear Reader, we are a small group of enthusiast who interested in render farm services and in whole variety of render-visualization technologies. We have observed for the world's render farms industry during the last five years. So now we are ready to present our point of view on this case.

Our philosophy and aims?

We think that the main key to success is the well-structured information about any issue. In that case our catalog contains structured information only about rendering which is available to any user which wants to understand who is in the global render game.

What is the cost?

Our service is absolutely free for all users.
The owners of farms can edit information about the services many times, also for free, to make it accurate and reliable.

Our hopes and wishes

Hope that the majority of our visitors will find our resource to be useful and convenient. We wish any project of visualization to find the renderfarm for it's realization.

With a smile to the world,
rentrender.com team.