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The Herberger Institute hosts a cloud-based rendering service designed to facilitate expediated rendering of complex 3D designs, effects, and annimations. Performing the rendering processes on our network servers located in the ASU data center allows the equipment Herberger Institute computing lab faciliites to be utilized for active creative work and enables students to avoid long waiting periods while projects are rendering. The speed of rendering using the server-based system is between 4 and 100 times faster than rendering on a single computer depending on the type of rendering being performed.


Rosco johnson March 21, 2017
8:57 a.m.
I would like to talk to a live person about questions I have. I can be reached at 12604435447. Or you can send my your number
anonymous_68 May 27, 2015
9:39 a.m.
Do you render out after effects files with Plexus plug in?
anonymous_68 May 27, 2015
9:26 a.m.
Do you render after effects projects with the plexus plugin?

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