Render farm details

cloud render farm Blendergrid

Country Netherlands
Cores per node 36 cores
RAM per node 64GB
Power description 252,000 Cores
Price per Ghz-hr $0.012
Price comment ~$0.012 / GHz-Hour
Fully automated True
Payment options

You can pay with PayPal and all major credit cards.

Support options

We offer support over Email, Skype and through a web-form on every page of the site.

Upload options

Upload directly to Amazon S3 using our web interface.

Download options

Download directly from Amazon S3 using our web interface.

Update July 1, 2019

More details:

Blendergrid is the easiest to use render farm designed for Blender. The service is 100% automated, running 24/7. You don't need to create an account. When you upload your file you receive a price quote first, so you know exactly what the costs will be beforehand. Then you can choose how many hours your render should take and even tweak the resolution and image quality to change the price.


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