Render farm details

cloud render farm

Country United Kingdom
Cores per node 1 cores
CPUs per node 1 CPUs
CPU description Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670
RAM per node 1GB
Price comment JANUARY SALE! There are 2 different service levels with more on that way. Pay as you render.
Discount options £15 free rendering for signing up. Discount for UK students.
Fully automated True
Payment options PayPal
Upload options Web Site Uploads.
Download options Web Site Downloads.
Update Oct. 10, 2016

More details: makes cloud rendering affordable, accessible and secure. Our goal is to try to make high quality rendering as cheap as possible so that everyone can use cloud rendering as an alternative to desktop rendering. Using our Render Manager you can create manage and view your render jobs. Try for free by signing up to receive £15 of render credits. That is 50 hours of free rendering on our Tier One service.


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