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cloud render farm Felix online rendering

Country United Kingdom
Cores per node 40 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description xeon 2680 v3
RAM per node 30 GBGB
Number of nodes 1000
Power description many, many xeon 2680 v3
Price comment price is 14 cent Euro x 320.000 pixel
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Fully automated True
Payment options

pay per use and subscription

Support options

mail and skype for free

Upload options

Automatic and transparent Using delta technology for superfast geometry updates. Only changes are uploaded on servers. You modify a polygon on your scene and only one polygon is sent. With felix  it is easy to work on large scale proects with more as 14.000.000 polygons.

Download options

Automatic and transparent

Update April 22, 2016

More details:

FELIX is a professional rendering application for architects based on cloud technology. The rendering engine is Maxwell Render which is included. FELIX now runs on several clouds at the same time which means that rendering resources are almost unlimited. For example you can render 10 (ten) 6000x4000 images in less as two hours or you can produce one minute HD animation at 1280 x 720 in 1 hour. Moreover with FELIX you don't need to buy a rendering engine or to buy a rendering software nor to upgrade constantly your PC to speed up the set-up of your scenes. With FELIX you need just a modeling software, an old laptop and a 1 Mbit connection and you will be faster and more productive as anyone else. Moreover FELIX includes 4000 ready to use objects to enrich your scenes via simple drag and drop and 10.00O professional materials, it offers a unique non destructive workflow and a superb technical support. Try it, it will change the way you render.


alessandra magni March 15, 2017
9:45 a.m.
I'm interested in a rendering of 3d animation with cinema 4d 1500 frames
anonymous_90 May 25, 2015
5:46 a.m.
We are looking forward for High-Speed Rendering Solution for our 3DM files developed in Rhino Software.
We need to render it in VRAY for Rhino (Version 1.05) using Rhino 4.0
Also, in case you are not serving VRAY 1.05 using Rhino 4.0, Is it possible if we could it install it at your end ?
Also, need to know whether render happens in our Local Machine using your machine resources OR the render has to happen on your machine only ?
Do we need to upload our 3dm files on the cloud server for rendering to happen?
anonymous_89 June 3, 2014
9:03 a.m.
I have a model that i'm working on in Sketchup and i want to render it. i have to render around 11 scenes.

anonymous_88 May 18, 2014
6:52 a.m.
No Mac version :(
anonymous_87 Feb. 25, 2014
11 p.m.
Thank you so much!!!

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