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Update Jan. 18, 2017

More details:

GPUOven is personal project of mine. Got couple extra GPU render nodes and expanding from time to time, so figured to offer help to anyone that needs some extra GPU power. 
Rendering is completly donation based. If you are freelancer, or student, need help with personal project or anything and don't have budget, no problem. If you are frelancer with project at hand and need help or even small team, no problem at all. All rendering is comepltly donation based and not mandatory. 


jeremy Oct. 14, 2017
6:33 p.m.
Hey buddy I am looking to get some more power to my mac to render some projects. they are not big small ones because I just started. Its taking a couple hours to render some smaller items. I would love to be able to go faster. I'm a student in college and broker than a poor man on the streets.

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