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classic render LionRender

Price per Ghz-hr $0.028
Price comment $ 0.028 / GHz-Hr
Payment options We charge $2.5 per one machine hour. This rounds down to $0.028 (2.8c) per GHz/hour.
Update April 22, 2016


More details:

No queue: When you tell LionRender to render – it starts rendering. Friends don't let friends wait for hours just to see a test render. Powerful hardware: 16+ cores, 16+ GB RAM, GPU instances – we've got it all. Our hardware is ready to take the most demanding jobs. Smart file uploads: It's frustrating needing to reupload a 2GB scene, because you changed one texture. With LionSync you only upload what's needed. Best price guarantee: No hidden fees, no monthly payments, no limits. One plan with a low price any time of the day, any day of the week.


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