Render farm details

classic render MRIYA

Country Ukraine
Cores per node 32 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description E5-2670
RAM per node 64GB
Number of nodes 32
Power description near 3000 Ghz power of 64 eight core Xeon CPU
Price per Ghz-hr $0.05
Price comment 1 node from $0.5 per hour, all farm from 16$/hr
Discount options

Rent a rendering farm for $2500 per month: 32 nodes with 64gb RAM each, 512 physical CPU cores and 1024 with HT

16-24$ per hour


Payment options

PayPal, Wire transfer, Bitcoin, privat24, etc

Support options

Manual rendering - operators available 24/7 in Skype MRIYA_Render and telegram 380674361623

Upload options

google drive, dropbox, dropmefiles, wetranfer

Download options

google drive, dropbox, dropmefiles, wetranfer

Update Jan. 16, 2020

More details:

MRIYA provides rendering services on Xeon servers with 64Gb RAM as cheap as $0.005 per GHz/hour which is $0.5-0.75 per hour for 1 server. We offer farm rental plans for huge volumes. >>>>>> Our Skype is MRIYA_Render.

telegram\viber\whatsapp +380674361623


anonymous_98 May 23, 2015
5:31 a.m.
Please check out MRIYA Render Farm video rendering Evermotion scenes on 360 cores -
anonymous_100 Aug. 8, 2014
7:19 a.m.
Hello friends!
We have started google ads for our new website
We have become closer to you and improved stability and availability of our service for US customers. We decided to refuse from rendering in Softimage XSI and Solidworks and concentrate on VRay rendering. We're still small and friendly rendering farm working damn hard, just like you are! Cheers!
anonymous_99 June 20, 2014
9:48 p.m.
Hi I have setup an animation in solidworks it is approximately 80 seconds long I need each frame to be rendered using photoview and approximately 35 frames per seconds ( around 2200 frames ). I did a test and it was about 8 hours to render the first 5 seconds on a i5-3470@ 3.2GHz Work Machine. How does your render farm work do i send you the files and you send me the final results or do I connect via a network render client. Could you provide me an estimated cost? And what sort of savings do you provide to regular customers.
anonymous_98 Dec. 25, 2013
4:22 a.m.
Hi, this info is insufficient to estimate costs. We can do estimates, please contact us via Skype MRIYA_render.
Kind regards,
anonymous_97 Dec. 21, 2013
9:19 p.m.
Hi want to render 4500 frames. How much time it will take and what will be total cost?
anonymous_96 Nov. 2, 2013
5:26 p.m.
Very nice rendering farm, attentive people with good English. Process is manual and they don;t refuse to make minor changes in scene instead of sending the completely new one once again.

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