Render farm details

classic render UltraRender

Country Poland
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description GPUs GTX 980 Ti 6GB available
RAM per node 48-144 GBGB
Power description up to 35 GTX 980 Ti GPUs per customer
Discount options

up to 20% discount when renting 2 or more servers

Payment options

PayPal, bank transfer

Update Aug. 16, 2016

More details:

GPU Renderfarm services for Octane, Vray-RT, Redshift, Iray, Cycles, Arion, Thea-Presto, moskitoRender, Furry Ball and all other GPU renderers. You can rent GPU servers on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Install your own software or ask for preinstalled licenses. Access to servers is granted by remote desktop. Also can just send your files to be rendered by us, like on a regular render farm. One customer can rent up to 5 servers with 7 GPUs each. This means a power of 7 - 35 best for rendering GTX class GPUs for your project rendering. Servers with GTX 980 Ti 6GB & GTX 970 4GB available.


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