Render farm details

classic render Bilby

Country Australia
Power description 432 XEON x 8 x 2.267 = 7835 GHz
Price comment as low as 1.65c GHz Hour after discount
Payment options Up to 50% discount
Support options Email
Upload options Submission through plug in in 3D host App, then upload through Desktop app
Download options Auto sync and Download of results through the app + Download of results from the website.
Update June 25, 2016

More details:

Bilby is an automated 24/7 render service. We have developed our own software to make it easier for you to submit your jobs and get your results. Our plugins sit inside your 3D software and submit your jobs to our desktop app which is available for mac and windows. Our desktop app will take care of the job uploading and downloading of results and is being constantly updated to suit your needs, requests and updates of software. You have full control of your jobs either from the Desktop app or from the Website. You can even have your results pushed to your Google Drive. Bilby has a wide range of software available for you to render with. Another great feature of Bilby is the collaboration tools. You can do a lot more with your render results than a traditional render farm. You can assemble your results into a video which your clients and team can view on line and annotate, to get you to the next version and ultimately approval in a shorter period of time. Best of all Bilby collaboration is FREE to use. You can pay to upgrade your storage and team if required. Bilby is a new render farm, and to encourage you to give them a try, there is also a $50 USD FREE trial on signing up.


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