Render farm details

classic render ddd-group

Country Russia
Cores per node 24 cores
CPUs per node 12 CPUs
CPU description i7-920, Xeon X5680
RAM per node 12-24GB
Number of nodes 50
Power description 4000GHz
Price per Ghz-hr $0.9
Price comment Starts from only 0.7 cents per Ghz/hour
Discount options Free testing frames, The more you render the less you pay per Ghz.
Payment options Paypal, bank transfer, under discussion.
Support options Skype, e-mail.
Upload options Cloud, email, file exchange
Download options Cloud, email, file exchange
Update July 12, 2016

More details:

16 core i7-920 nodes, 50 double- xeon x5680 nodes. More than 4000 Ghz in total.


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