Render farm details

cloud render farm Helio Cloud Rendering

Country Germany
Cores per node 196 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Latest large-scale data center CPUs
RAM per node >500GB+GB
Number of nodes 10000
Discount options
  • Usage-based commitments with 5-15% discounts.
Fully automated True
Payment options
  • Credit-card
  • Invoices
  • Apple and Google Pay
Support options
  • Chat 
  • Slack / Microsoft Teams
  • Video Calls
Upload options
  • Fast project sync solution to constantly sync your data close (10gbps+)
Download options
  • Download feature to constantly sync your results at high speed
Update April 27, 2023

More details:

Render your 3DS Max or Blender project with V-Ray, Corona or Cycles with a few clicks in the cloud. S


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