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classic_render First 3d Render Farm In Delhi NCR (India)

Type Have their own render farm
Country India
Power description 200 Xeon processor & 500GB RAM
Update April 22, 2016

More details:

We provide 3d render farm for walkthroug, flythrough, exterior & interior. Please contact If you looking for render farm. Our renderfarm has more then 200 Xeon processor & 500GB RAM with high speed internet. You need to upload 3d files, maps, textures etc through dropbox and you will have one PC assess through internet to setup scene files and put on network rendering through manager pc it is very easy to use. You are also welcome to our floor if you want. For further details please contact to


Hi Ravi, June 28, 2017
8:57 a.m.
Please contact through email.
Ravi Kumar June 28, 2017
8:18 a.m.
Need a cost for 200 3D Models rendered in still images JPEG/TIFF. All 200 3D Models will be rendered in with 4 sides
200x4=800 still images.
Rkjha June 19, 2017
1:46 a.m.
5000 frames - 2500 hrs - delivery in 2 days @65000/-
Ved April 13, 2017
12:44 p.m.
Kindly quote price and time for 5000 frame (30 min per frame)
i7 4770k. 3.5ghz 16gb CPU
rkjha July 20, 2016
12:56 a.m.
People can put their query if any here..........

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