Render farm details

classic render RENDERFARM.COM

Country Spain
Cores per node 32 cores
CPU description dual Xeon E5-26XX v1/2/3
RAM per node 64GbGB
Number of nodes 100
Power description +4200 GHz per user
Price per Ghz-hr $0.0164
Price comment 0,0164-0,0082 € / GHz/h
Discount options

Starting at 0,0164 € per GHz/h Up to 50% discount on pay-per-use (0,0082 € per GHz/h).

Fully automated True
Payment options

Visa/MasterCard, PayPal

Update Feb. 21, 2018

More details:

THE LATEST NEW LOW COST CLOUD-BASED RENDERING TOOL is a rendering platform fully automated and with an extremely competitive pricing developed for postproductions houses of any size, infoarchitecture studios, schools of design, and all those companies that in their portfolio require the intensive use of rendering and do not want to expand their infrastructure. delivers the maximum computing power per user making it the perfect tool for finishing 3D projects. Additionally, it allows users a great saving of time and costs in the processing of their creative pieces.

The new cloud-based rendering service supports all plug-ins intended for the most common 3D suites in the CG international market, such as Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya always on its current versions.
Besides to a price around 40% cheaper than the closest competition in Europe (0.0082 € /Ghz/h against 0.0116 € / Ghz/h under the same conditions), it allows a 24/7 intensive use and private access to the control panel to verify submitted jobs, progress and costs, all this in real time from any device.

Some advantages that includes for you:

  • 100% automated web platform cloud-based (sending and downloading jobs once rendered)
  • An Intuitive and friendly interface
  • Virtually unlimited power
  • Frames and channels preview
  • Statistics of each project/job
  • Correction of errors in the material sent. Once a job is submitted, if it detects missed textures or animation caches, it can be corrected by sending them from the application or from the web




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