Render farm details

RENDERFARM.RO - CPU & GPU Renderfarm ✓

Country Romania
Cores per node 128 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description INTEL Cascade Lake and AMD Epyc Rome CPUs available
RAM per node up to 224 GB/node | High mem machines with up to 3.700GB
Number of nodes 3250
Power description CPU nodes with 32 up to 128 cores | GPU nodes up to 8x Tesla K80, P4, T4, P100 or V100
Price per Ghz-hr $0.005
Price comment €0.033 /CORE /hour | €0.0025 /OB /hour | Unlimited Free Testing
Discount options

For any credit purchase of minimum €200, you will receive a FREE hard copy of “Great talks about Photo Realism“ shipped anywhere in the world. Yes, anywhere!

Payment options

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, BANK SWIFT

Support options; Skype:

Upload options

Web site, FTP

Download options

Web site, FTP

Update July 23, 2021

More details:

✓ Get a FREE hard copy of “Great talks about Photo Realism“ with free shipping anywhere in the world.

✓ Upscale your render to up to 600% without loosing quality with AiUpScale™

✓ 50% discount for Academia & NGOs

RENDERFARM.RO was founded in 2010 as the first renderfarm in Eastern-Europe. What sets it apart from its competitors are a premium customer service, manual scene optimization, a very low price-to-performance ratio and a constant focus on service quality. Which is why, in 2020, RENDERFARM.RO partnered with AiUpScale™ to introduce Artificial Intelligence upscaling - a game changing technology which will revolutionize the render industry. RENDERFARM.RO is also a socially aware enterprise which could not stay indifferent to the challenges brought by the global covid-19 pandemic to the 3D artist community, which is why it launched the #FREERENDER program for non-profit projects.



micuzu Jan. 16, 2018
10:28 a.m.
Hi there! In order to get back to you please leave your email in the message or better just write to us on
kayel mako Aug. 24, 2017
1:33 a.m.
hi do you render iray videos ?
and if you do how much GHz you think i should rent for a 10 minutes video ?
Dennis March 9, 2017
2:59 a.m.
Hi, can you render 3D animations from i-clone (Reallusion).
anonymous_129 Dec. 23, 2013
12:29 p.m.
Yes. It applies to any software/plugin and any render time ! Try us for free !
anonymous_93 Dec. 22, 2013
2:23 a.m.
Hello. Your winter deal, double the render, is for any software and any render time ?
The reason I'm asking is because I have a 3000 frames animation that uses 3dmax and the render time per frame is aprox 2 hours on my 4ghz i7.

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