Render farm details

classic render RenderFlow

Country Spain
Cores per node 32 cores
CPUs per node 4 CPUs
CPU description Dual Xeon E5 2670
RAM per node 32GB
Number of nodes 1200
Power description 82.000Ghz
Price per Ghz-hr $0.008
Price comment 0.008-0.03 gHz
Discount options 1. Priority Low -20% OFF 2. Volumen of buy with extra credits to +100%
Fully automated True
Payment options Paypal and Credit Cards
Upload options 1. With internal 3d app plugins (Default) 2. FTP
Download options 1. In background during render. 2. FTP
Update June 24, 2016

More details:

100% Automated 24/7. FREE TRIAL!! (Spain/EU). All plugins and App included. Great support service whit our 3D team.


anonymous_128 Oct. 28, 2015
10:04 a.m.
Hi there,

My name is Devonne and I’m from an office design company in South Africa called Trend Group,
I’d like to know how much would it cost to open up a render account with you.

We are currently uploading our models to the Autodesk cloud server to render however the renders take extremely long sometimes up to 10hours and half the time fail to render because an so called ‘error’ occurred.

We can’t afford to work like this and we would like to know how quickly your farms render?
Please get back to me asap, we will be using your servers a lot if they render quick enough.

Thank you,
Kind Regards

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