Render farm details

classic render Render Now

Country United Kingdom
Cores per node 24 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Dual Xeon
RAM per node 64GBGB
Number of nodes 400
Power description 12,000 cores
Price comment £0.013 per GHz
Update Sept. 13, 2017

More details:

RenderNow is a UK render farm service that aims to bring down the overall cost and time of rendering whatever the size of the project, insuring your animation or still images are rendered and complete to meet your deadline. RenderNow offer a service for anyone who has a project which requires substantial render power to reach a deadline. We have our own dedicated render farm in house which comprises of top of the range, custom tuned hardware. We are constantly on hand to monitor the RenderNow server, with optimum performance always as our highest priority. Maintenance and expansion are performed regularly, with research and development into the most environmentally friendly way to operate and maintain the farm. We are regularly increasing the size of our render farm so we can continually complete jobs quicker and provide our clients with lower cost rates insuring we remain the most affordable priced render farm in the UK.


anonymous_73 Sept. 4, 2013
3:19 a.m.
My files includes the plug in Forest Pack Pro.
Will this be an issue?

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