Render farm details

classic render renderRocket

Country USA
Power description over 100 Eight Core Servers of capacity
Price comment $0.70 per core per hour.
Update April 22, 2016


anonymous_171 June 24, 2015
3:23 p.m.
We are now a hybrid fark with both HW and cloud capabilities.
Capacity has changed and is now unlimited (cloud compute from AWS, Azure and Google) . In addition to 100 HW servers of 32 cores each.
We can currently scale up to 1000 servers, or 32K cores, on Vray, Maya, C4d, 3DSmax, Nuke and Lightwave.
We use servers ranging from 8 to 32 cores, of the latest Intel chipsets (V3) and DDR4 memory.
Price per core hour is tiered and starts at $0.17 (economy), $0.35 standard, and up to $6.0 for reserved 36 core machines.


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