Render farm details


Country Netherlands
RAM per node 32GB
Number of nodes 53
Power description 377 CPU cores / 566.8 Ghz + Cloud bursting
Price comment Fixed price up front (negotiable)
Discount options

You can negotiate a fixed price up front. We do need your project to do test renders first then. We will try to match your budget. We have low, medium and high priority prices.

Payment options

You will receive an invoice afterwards. You can transfer money to our bank account or pay by PayPal. In both cases you only pay when you received the output and you are happy with our work.

Support options

We are well know for our excellent support. We give support (almost) 24x7 by E-mail, Phone and Skype. We speak and write in English, German and Dutch. You will speak to an actual person who is highly motivated to help you to make your deadline.

Upload options

You can upload your job with HTTP/FTP or send it with WeTransfer. We can sign an NDA if you want. We have our own wetranser page to make it easy for you.

Download options

You download your files with HTTP/FTP or we send it to you with WeTransfer.

Update April 22, 2016

More details:

Official Chaos Group V-Ray and VRAYforC4D render farm. We are well know for our excellent support. We speak English, German and Dutch. You will be helped by an actual person that cares and is highly motivated to help you make your dead line. You can negotiate a fixed price up front when we can test with your project first. We help small and big 3D animation studios make their deadlines AND save on render costs by offering computing power on our dedicated render farm. We have 53 own nodes, but we can to cloud bursting for more capacity!


anonymous_137 Nov. 30, 2015
12:49 p.m.
I would like to render 3500 frames. average time 20min per frame then it drop down
How can i contact u ?
Do you have discounts for students ?
anonymous_68 Nov. 30, 2015
12:49 p.m.
Do you render out after effects files with Plexus plug in?
anonymous_136 Nov. 30, 2015
12:49 p.m.
I am looking for a service that handles sketchup and vray environment.. If you support the same kindly revert with an affirmation on my mail ID. I am a freelancer and work on a very tight budget. I hope to have affordable cloud rendering prices from your end.

Vishal Chouhan
New Delhi
anonymous_135 Nov. 30, 2015
12:49 p.m.
The team and went above and beyond to make sure our project was handled and delivered on time. They worked with us through the night on a super tight delivery, and we could be more thankful. We’ll definitely be back the next time.
The Witness & Co. Team

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