Render farm details

Super Renders CPU & GPU Farm

Country USA
Cores per node 64 cores
CPUs per node 32 CPUs
CPU description Intel Dual XENON E5 V4 series and Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
RAM per node 64GB
Number of nodes 1000
Power description CPU: 42 000 GHz and GPU: 65 000 OctaneBench Score!
Price per Ghz-hr $0.0028
Price comment $0.003 per GHz-hour or 0.002 per OctaneBench-hour
Discount options

Up to 60% OFF

Fully automated True
Payment options

Credit Card, PayPal, wire transfer

Support options

24/7 live support via email, chat, phone and our support system.

Upload options

Flexible to upload: directly from Website, from our plugins or import from Google Drive, Dropbox

Download options

Sync to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Direct download

Update Aug. 10, 2021

More details:

We provide super-fast, super easy and super cheap 24/7-render service. We also have a strong and experienced support team hard to ensure your projects are well taken care of. Your satisfaction is always our first priority. We will ensure you aware of our service qualities and the exact cost and accurate rendering time of your project before you decide to pay. Any amount of different occurred will be on us.

Our prices start from $0.004  per GHz-hr or $0.002 per OctaneBench-hr (lowest with discount is $0.00285 per GHz-hr and $0.0012 per OctaneBench-hr). We offer $25 credit for all new members. Visit us at

Supported software and plug-in

We provide 24/7 render service and technical support, including holidays. We support a wide range of 3D applications and plugins and continuously develop new technologies to provide the best service to our customers.

Our unique system offers an easy-to-use interface and is able to calculate the cost and time in the exact amount, we ensure that you know thoroughly the cost and time of your project before you start using our service.


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