Render farm details

Copernicus Computing

Country Poland
Cores per node 88 cores
CPUs per node 4 CPUs
CPU description Intel Xeon X5650, E5-4669v4
RAM per node 48-256GB
Number of nodes 320
Power description 22 500 Ghz + 15 superfast GPU Supermicro server with 10 GeForce 1080 Ti
Price per Ghz-hr $0.015
Price comment $0.004/Ghz /hour
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check our discount rules our cost calculator here: 

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Fully automated True
Payment options

Paypal, credit card, bank acount

Support options

We are 3D graphics experts and we offer 24/7 support, we are always there to help you with your project. Just drop us a message on live chat or send an email.

Upload options

automatic application or via ftp

Download options

automatic application or via ftp

Update Aug. 25, 2020

More details:

$25 Free Credits for every new register! We got 126 nodes with 4x Intel Xeon E5-4669v4 and up to 256GB RAM, 94 nodes with 2x E5-2670 and 96GB RAM and 100 2x X5650 with 48-64 GB ram. We are 3D graphics experts and we offer 24/7 support. Due to our super fast servers we render very fast. Low prices encourage both students and professionals. We are able to take up big jobs - rendering movies, commercials and visualisations. Rent our superfast GPU computer with 10x GeForce GTX 1080 Ti!


Orgi July 11, 2017
4:57 a.m.
Hi please contact with us via online 24/7 english and polish chat
sruly fogel July 2, 2017
1:11 p.m.
i want do render a skb file
anonymous_81 Oct. 21, 2015
11:20 p.m.
I am siju. I need one walkthrough render. I have 3d file and all. I need just render this file. No need to change settings. Please response. There is 450 frames is there. I need HD RENDER output .Iam in bangalore . contact me. 9035942859

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