Render farm details

classic render GarageFarm.NET

Country United Kingdom
Cores per node 88 cores
CPUs per node 4 CPUs
RAM per node 64-256GB
Power description 20,000 CPU cores | 500,000 CUDA cores
Price per Ghz-hr $0.0075
Price comment $0.0075/Ghz /hour | $0.00125 per OB hour, the lowest prices available
Discount options

There are many discount options if you pay upfront. And the price is correct, after all discounts it can go down to 0.75 cents per GHz/hour and 0.125 cents per Octane Bench/hour

Fully automated True
Payment options

PayPal (including credit cards)


Google Pay

Wire transfer

Support options

10 people tech support team, free for all priorities

Available 24/7 

Upload options

Proprietary technology + custom workflows

Contact garage@GarageFarm.NET
Website https://GarageFarm.NET/
Update Aug. 12, 2021

More details:

Coupon: RNTRNDR1
Sign up with the coupon to get $50 free credits

24/7 service and real-time, real-human tech support any time of the day. All features are enabled from the getgo, no watermarks or credit cards required to get started. 

GPU rendering at GarageFarm.NET available via 8 x Tesla K80 12 GB VRAM, fully automated service for Redshift and Blender Cycles (FStorm and V-Ray soon) with as low as $0.00125 per OB hour price.

GPU rendering at service available via 10x GTX 1080Ti and 8x Tesla V100 servers you can rent for extremely competitive prices - $6 and $12 per server hour respectively. You can render with Redshift, Octane, FStorm or any GPU engine you use. 

Additional plugins: Yeti, Shave and a Haircut, Anima, Ornatrix, Alshaders, emReader. New plugin. .


Tomek June 9, 2017
3:15 a.m.
Please contact us via chat on the website or by email
Annie June 9, 2017
1:10 a.m.
i do not know anything about rendering, and i need it for ASAP, i just know i need materials and surroundings .. please email me a response thanks ..
anonymous_95 July 5, 2014
6:15 a.m.
Hi guys,
Regarding the price, it is correct indeed, 0.4 cent per 1Ghz.
If you want to try us out for free please go to our website or contact us via Skype at
Take CareTomek SGarageFarm.NET CEO
anonymous_79 May 21, 2014
11:18 a.m.
Hi there,
I have approximately 60,000 frames of a maya 2013 scene file with 3 cached particle systems and numerous alembic cache files.
The render time is approximately 18 minutes for beauty and 2 minutes for AO and Depth) using my computer - details as follows;
(x4) Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80 GHz
The Maya project directory is approx 20GB
Can I please get a quote from you for this job?
If you require anymore information please let me know and I'd be happy to provide what you need.
Kind regards,
John Gresko
anonymous_94 Jan. 15, 2014
4:55 p.m.
I have a Maya file, V-ray that needs to be rendered. It's under 100 frames and I need a quick turn around. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
310.728.6469 office
310.854.2288 cell
anonymous_93 Dec. 22, 2013
2:11 a.m.
I think your price is wrong. 0.004 = 0.4cent. At this price I want to render but I think you wanted to say 0.04 :)
anonymous_92 July 23, 2013
7:05 a.m.
I have a Mac-based Sketchup file with Vray. Is it ok for you?
anonymous_91 May 29, 2013
4:26 a.m.
hi there, my nhame is frank and i'll like to know if you could please give us an estimate for 400 frames, where a frame roughly takes about 12mins. thanks

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