Render farm details CPU + GPU Farm

Country Germany
Cores per node 32 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Dual Xeon E5-2670
RAM per node 94 - 256GB
Number of nodes 100
Power description CPU: 192000 Cinebench Scoret - GPU: 9700 OctaneBench Score - Fast GPU Farm
Price comment 0,007 € per GHzh and 0,0045 € per OBh (25 € free for new users)
Discount options

25€ free rendering, purchasable creditspack or pay as you need. up to 60% discount for larger projects

50% Discount for all cpu & gpu  projects

Fully automated True
Payment options

paypal, creditcard, money transfer, bitcoin, wiretransfer

Support options

teamviewer support, mail support, chat support. Support available during evenings and week-ends!

Upload options

Inapp 3dsmax and C4d Plugin. render4you interface, ftp, dropbox, googledrive and wetransfer

Download options

render4you interface, ftp, dropbox, googledrive and wetransfer

Update May 6, 2019

More details:

50% Discount for all cpu & gpu projects till end 2018

CYCLES4D,REDSHIFT, octane, vrayrt, 1400-1800 Octanebench per node, up to 10GPU´s per node, 25€ free rendering, 



Ufuk Nov. 28, 2017
4:13 p.m.
I haven't seen the Octane on the list of supported page. They don't have it i guess
anonymous_170 March 1, 2015
8:42 p.m.
The service is solid and the support team is very responsive (Thank you Sven).
The online manager is really good you can monitor everything.
Alaa Alnahlawi
anonymous_169 Dec. 13, 2014
10:46 a.m.
Very good renderfarm. It is the best i test till now.
I used it for rendering Blender files with Cycles.
Good price, stable user interface and believe it or not a outstanding support (Sven Pfeiffer helps quickly)
anonymous_168 Oct. 29, 2014
12:24 p.m.
First time using the service render4you. It's incredible. The price is very good. Rendering speed is just awesome !!! Technical support at a very high level. Render4you the best :)Now I know what renderfarm to use.
anonymous_167 Sept. 28, 2014
3:17 p.m.
I just started with Render4You and I got to tell you, the level of help and support is like nothing I have ever seen in my 15 years as IT Architect. Thanks Sven Pfeiffer you impressed me! in 15min you advanced me at least 5 days of research and testing, I like you, :)
Anyone out there please move to render4you, they are great, fast and they have a unique feeling.

Julio Papel
IT Architect
anonymous_166 Nov. 6, 2013
1:02 p.m.
I have used Render4you renderfarm twice, and I was more than pleased with the way the cooperation went in both cases. Under a very strict deadline, Render4you, delivered very fast renders in a very good price. Moreover Render4you worked with me side by side to achieve the best render quality for my project.
I highly recomend it!

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