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cloud render farm renderfarm3d

Country India
Cores per node 16 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2
RAM per node 61GBGB
Number of nodes 1200
Power description 1200XEON x 16 cores x 3.1GHz = 59000GHZ
Price per Ghz-hr $0.018
Price comment $0.018/GHz ,Charged accurately to the minute.
Discount options Available for animation frames greater than 10000
Payment options No Setup Fee No Upfront Fee No biased Rendering, so no plans. We have enough machines to provide priority service to all customers at the best rates Our rendering cost calculations is very simple: For renders done on 8 thread machine (Render time/frame on our node) x number of frames x 0.6 = Total cost For renders done on 32 thread machine (Render time/frame on our node) x number of frames x 1.5 = Total cost Free sample testing each shot for render estimation. We will render sample file for every shot for you approval. You can estimate the render budget based on the sample and give us a go ahead Invoice generated after render completion. Payment can be done via bank transfer, paypal etc. Output links are generated post payment. If you dont want to wait for link generation, we can work on prepaid model. We are flexible to accommodate your needs.
Support options We value the way we do business, customers first always. We try and complete render projects within 24hrs post confirmation from client. Support available via mail, phone.
Upload options No restriction for upload. You can upload on any service and share the link with us. We strive to be as flexible. We can also download files from your ftp server if required and upload the output back at the same location. For local clients we have a onsite high speed upload option which is chargeable.
Download options Download links are generated at our end and shared with you. Option of uploading data to your ftp is available assuming we get a good bandwidth For local clients we have a onsite high speed download option which is chargeable.
Update July 5, 2016

More details:

RenderFarm3D has setup a one of the worlds largest render farms that has over 800 machines offering custom and low cost render services. With prices as low as $0.03/, RenderFarm3d is almost 20% cheaper than the lowest cost render farm in the market. Our mode pricing for rendering is just $0.09* /Frame** and lower in certain cases. We currently have a ready setup of 3DsMax 12/13, Maya12/13 and VRay 2.4 but also support custom applications on demand. MACHINE CONFIGURATION Standard Plan (8 THREAD) : Intel Xeon X5570 +60GB RAM Priority Plan (32 THREAD): Intel Xeon E5-2670 DUAL + 60GB RAM


Raj Patil Oct. 2, 2017
8:07 a.m.
Please call me ASAP
John Rushton July 24, 2017
3:24 a.m.
What some idea of how to much it would cost for each render.
Sketchup Vray

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