Render farm details

classic render IRenderFarm- CPU & GPU Renderfarm

Country Vietnam
Cores per node 24 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
RAM per node 128-256GB
Number of nodes 1000
Power description CPU: 5040 GHz | GPU: 1080 and 1080 TI cards | RAM: 64-128
Price comment Only from $0.05 per core hour & $0.65 per card hour/ Discount up to 50% and higher
Discount options

$100 Free Credits for every new register, as low as $0.05 per core hour and $0.65 per card hour.

Fully automated True
Payment options

Paypal , 2checkout, bank tranfer

Support options

Hotline: +(84)962-868-890

24/7 Email Support :

24/7 Skype Suppor : Skype Name/ iRender Support

Upload options

iRender Sync, sftp, https

Update March 18, 2020

More details:

100$ free rendering points for every new register- From $0.05 per core hour- NO hidden fees - Lowest Price.

Render farm for all GPU & CPU renderers. Irender supports most of the mainstream Blender software and its renderers.

Our features: 

- The most affordable cloud render farm service with multiple high- quality solutions on CPU & GPU parallel infrustructure.

 - Turn your computer into a supercomputer. Imagine that you could render a frame in seconds instead of hours, an animation in hours instead of days.

 - You can monitor the process in real time.

 And many more...

 Keep creating. Keep designing. Let iRender Cloud do the rendering so you can keep working.


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