Render farm details

classic render Rend-It

Cores per node 32 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Xeon E5-2665
RAM per node 64GB
Number of nodes 105
Price comment 0.015$ per gigahertz/hour
Discount options

Price for the whole farm for 1 hours is 61$. Price is calculated up to the minute. Additional discount for renting the whole farm for more than 3 days.


Payment options

Paypal, Bank Wire, Western Union/Moneygram, Bitcoin

Support options



Phone: +359883439637

Viber/Whatsapp: +359883439637

Online support:


Upload options

Private secured FTPS server, personal account for each user

Download options

Private secured FTPS server, personal account for each user

Update Dec. 14, 2016

More details:

We try to combine best prices with outstanding service for CG artists who have specialized in 3dmax/Maya/Vray. We are here to help you finish your work before your deadline. Please don't hesitate do contact us with your questions. As rendering is our top priority, we provide direct phone number to support in order to get your rendering job in the fastest way possible. We don't have working hours, we work whenever we have to - just to make sure your rendering is done in time.

Remote access to the render farm for last minute changes and live update over your rendering jobs on request. You can contact us on skype:, Viber/Whatsapp: +359883439637, e-mail:



BudemixFeshy Feb. 21, 2017
5:39 a.m.
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anonymous_134 Jan. 6, 2015
3:18 a.m.
Best service ever. Very fast, very cheaper, and very good support. Thank you guys.

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